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“Mark and I had our wedding on a maple syrup farm in Lake Placid, NY. The entire event was outdoors. Even before I had picked out my dress and shoes, I knew I was going to need Solemates.  They were an absolutely indispensible part of our wedding day - and allowed me to stand next to my 6'5" husband without sinking into the ground!”

Heather G., Providence RI

Amber Gress Photography:

Laura Streifert

Paoli, PA

I got married outside in a garden. A friend of mine recommended these for me because I am very anti-wedge. It was MY wedding and I didn't want to be forced to find an ugly shoe. I wore a normal heel for rehearsal and was constantly sinking. I put the Solemates™ on my shoes for my wedding day and not once did I worry about sinking or feel like I was. I was able to walk normally! I had made sure that my bridesmaids had them too just in case and they were so happy to have had them! Thank you Solemates!


West Caldwell, NJ

Wow! I bought solemates for a wedding coming up. I'm a bridesmaid and the ceremony is in grass. So I thought I'd test them out first. It rained here for a week and the ground was soaked. I waited for the grass to dry to do my test. The ground was soft but the lawn was basically dry. I put one solemate on one heel and the other I left normal. OMG the natural heel sunk right in the ground by an inch but the Solemates™ heel stayed on top! It was amazing! I'm sold!

Michele Kohl

Denver, CO

I travel for work and have previously purchased my favorite heels in multiples bc the escalators at the airports destroy my heels! I found your product-although advertised for weddings, heels in grass- and gave it a try on my last trip. Saved my heels and made walking thru tiled airports much easier! I truly believe these should be marketed to woman frequent fliers and available in every airport!

Colleen Ball

Mt. Pleasant, SC

I ordered 2 pairs of Solemates last week and then needed to change the shipping option in order to make sure they arrived in time for a wedding I was in this past weekend. My email request was quickly answered and the shipping problem was solved. I really appreciate the prompt response and the easy solution! Solemates arrived in time and were the perfect solution for an outdoor wedding and reception.

Nancy Hammond

Preston, WA

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for shipping out the High Heeler’s for my daughters wedding last Saturday. Your staff did a fantastic job ensuring I received the product on Friday, October 14th but they also saw that somehow I had placed 2 orders and they called me to confirm I only wanted one order and they then cancelled the extra order.

Although we were not able to be outside that day due to the weather your heelers came in handy because the dancing was on a deck type floor and the heelers stopped our heels from going in-between the boards.

Loved your product and told lots of folks about them...I hope you get a lot of business from the Seattle area.

Again, many thanks.

Christy F

San Jose, CA

I had a shipping snafu that was beyond Solemates control. They went above and beyond to make sure I had my product in time for my wedding. But the best part was - they worked as well as I hoped! When my wedding coordinator told me to wear flats or walk on the balls of my feet, I knew there had to be another solution.

I found Solemates on the web, and crossed my finger they would be the answer (and I could still wear my cute heels). They sure were! And I had all of my guests asking where they can get them! I'd recommend Solemates™ for anyone who is going to be walking on grass - or just to protect your favorite shoes!

Monique Simon

New Orleans, LA

I am a High Heel girl, 9 times out of 10.  I wear them all the time; while working as a makeup artist or running errands. Since I got my first pair of Solemates™ Spring 2012 in the effort to prolong the life and look of a new pair of pumps with extra detail on heel, and EVERY time since.  Whenever I wear my Solemates™ I catch women trying to figure out what they are. They ALWAYS ask me where I got my "heel stoppers".  I tell them where and I tell them the brand.  When I am work, my clients, co-workers, & clothing stylists always ask about the "black rubber things" on my boot heels.  I would love to become a spokesperson!

Olga Ordenova

Moscow, Russia

I'm having a wedding in July and looked for a solution that would help me to
wear my beautiful shoes all day long on a lawn. I was so happy when I found
the Solemates and lucky because my friend was in the USA on vacation
visiting her mother. I asked her to bring me the Somemates from her trip to
States recently. The delivery was to Chicago suburb and the manager (Amanda)
was very helpful! She made sure it was delivered on time and was very
thoughtful. Thanks a lot for supreme service - it is very much appreciated!

Can't wait for my wedding to come, I am sure the Solemates will make the day
easier and smoother to go through!

Kashanie Lagrotta-Butler

Bronx, New York

We wanted to thank you for the gift of Solemates at our destination wedding this past February!

It was such a great touch to have Solemates available for our guest as well as for our bridesmaids. The ceremony was held in a garden and hence we needed to prevent our shoes from sinking into the grass. Everyone was excited to use their Solesmates and kept asking to take more home.