How It Works

Solemates™ Takes the Pressure Off Your Heels

Discreet and easy to use, the Solemates High Heeler® attaches easily to most stiletto and kitten heels. By increasing the surface area on the base of the heel, it reduces the pressure on this area and prevents the heel from sinking into grass or falling into cracks!

Sizing Guide and Technical Specifications

The Solemates High Heeler® is available in 3 sizes (narrow, classic, and wide). The Classic High Heeler® is the most popular size and fits most heels, but that we also offer “special” sizing. 
Click here for more information on sizing.

Size & Weight

  • Height: Slightly More than 1 Inch
  • Base Width: Slightly Less than 1 Inch
  • Weight (Pair) - Approximately 1 Ounce

In the Packaging

  • One pair of SoleMates

Wear the Solemates High Heeler® Just About Anywhere

On grass, cobblestones, grates, and more...experience the difference!